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Just like many hands make for light work, we believe many disciplines make for the best solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to service all industries, including yours.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned something else. We’ve learned that what guarantees the best solutions transition smoothly into lasting ones is SIMPLICITY. So, we’ve broken things down into clear industries like information technology, telecommunications, and engineering.

These are our disciplines. These are our solutions. At Reuben Cooley Inc, adaptability is at our core.


Information Technology

In its simplest form, information technology is the use of any computer system or device to access information. It’s the bridge between a company and its customers. It’s what turns visions and dreams into something attainable and puts your product into customers’ hands. But what does this mean for you? And what does this mean for us?



“Telecommunications” is a long word with a short definition. It means transmitting data over long distances. Easy enough, right? Except, sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes, there’s more. There’s determining whether this is an opportunity for growth and increased efficiency within your company and finding the right individuals to fill these unique roles. We hire strong wireless technicians that will help catapult your telecommunications projects into tomorrow.



An engineer is someone who designs, builds, and maintains. However, we know an individual with this title and responsibility is intrinsically much greater and so more special than that. Engineers create and implement machines, structures, and other complex systems to push the boundaries of what is known and test those limits fully. They are the doers of the modern age. We are the finders.

About us

Public Sector

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About us


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